I have made a few scripts/strategies at TradingView. You can use them for free.
Some of them are listed on TV as “Private” so you can find them only by link from this page.
Some strategies have Open Source, some of them are Closed Source.

Contact me if you need some help or have some ideas or offers for me. 
I can provide for you private paid modifications of the scripts or development of the new strategies based on your ideas.

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Multi Scalping Strategy [Dimkud]

As a Constructor – you can make a combination of available indicators, so it can be configured for any currency and any timeframe.

This script has list of indicators, filters and signals, which you can combine in a single automatic trading bot.
Some indicators are used as trading signals in non-usual manner.
And also you can combine them with indicators-filters, to filter these signals.
(overbought/oversold lines, rising/falling values of different indicators etc.)

See and use the strategy on TradingView:

How to add the Strategy to your Chart for Testing/Trading ?

Go to the strategy page and click on the “Add to Favorite Indicators” button.
To open the list of indicators that are marked as Favorites, click on the “Indicators” button on the chart page and select “Favorites”.
After that, simply click on the chosen indicator and it will be added to the chart.
Click here to see details how to do it.

Divergence for Many [Dimkud – v5]

Strategy is based on “Divergence for Many Indicators”.
This strategy is searching for divergences on 18 indicators which you can select and optimise one by one.

See and use the strategy on TradingView:

Channels Strategy [Dimkud]

Channels trading Strategy.
Open trades if price goes out of Channel.
Uses Keltner Channel + Bollinger Bands.
RSI, MFI, CCI, ATR volatility filters.

See and use the strategy on TradingView:

QQE Signals + SuprtTrend + RSI Strategy [Dimkud]

This strategy is using QQE indicator to get Signals
and also SuperTrend and RSI with overbought/oversold levels as filter of the signals.

See and use the strategy on TradingView: